• Award Winning
    Free Range Pork

    Award Winning Free Range Pork

Quality Free Range Pork from Hampshire


Greenfield Pork Products is a small family run business supplying quality free-range pork, bacon and sausages throughout Hampshire produced from its own herd of specialist hybrid pigs.

The family runs a small rearing herd on ten acres of rented land at Broughton in Hampshire. The rearing herd consists of Hampshire based females mated with large white boars which produces pork pigs of outstanding quality and flavour.

All our pigs are born and reared outside in spacious paddocks which allow them to behave naturally and to grow in conditions which provide fresh – air, natural daylight, exercise and of course the minimum of stress. Particular attention is paid to keeping the pigs warm in winter (copious straw and well constructed arcs and shelters) – and cool in summer (shades and mud wallows). Fresh drinking water is available at all times and the pigs are fed on a cereal–based ration free of antibiotics and growth promoters. Whilst the herd is not organic we operate a system which ensures the highest welfare standards allowing us to produce the best pork at sensible cost.

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